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Date: Every Tuesday (Hokkien Singing) & Friday (Chinese Singing)
Time: 7.00pm to 9.00pm Venue: TGC Fees: $120 (Members), $135 (Guests)

Conducted by former Taiwanese media artiste Chen Lin, this singing class will provide a conducive environment to develop your singing techniques such as breathing, intonation and pitching. You can also start building your confidence by singing to your classmates!

想要有一个具有耐心,互相支持和挑战性的环境来发展你的歌 唱技巧吗?了解如何使用毫不费力地正确运用丹田呼吸的的方 法来唱歌。课程也能发展你的歌唱信心,同时也能让你学会控 制音质,声弹性和其他歌唱技巧。

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